What Is Casino Discount – Everything You Want to Know

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Every casino player wants to get something “extra” from the establishment, and usually, that extra comes in the form of comps (complimentary offers) or straight price discounts. Loss reduction, favourable hotel room prices, cruise ship trips – the “discounts” provided by a land-based gambling establishment can both be minimal, and luxurious in nature. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Loss Discount in Land Based Casinos

It isn’t uncommon for people in the USA to get casino credit in order to play; however, due to the overwhelming amount of cases where players lost, the gambling establishments found themselves in a difficult position. Players that have received credit from those establishments couldn’t pay back – which not only resulted in the casino losing money but also in the reduced number of players.

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To increase the number of their visitors and promote a much better way of handling loss, a large number of casinos introduced the “Casino Discount” program, that decreased a lost credit sum by up to 30%. To some degree, this worked – for every $100 the players have taken from the casino and lost, they had to return only $70, which in the grand scheme of things appeared to be achievable by losers. Bear in mind that loss discounts aren’t just granted to any player; usually, the casino will give a credit loss reduction to a regular customer.

Controlling the House Edge

Venues that are big on discounts will also make special gestures to their most valuable clients. In some cases, they would even reduce the house edge in a game by modifying its rules. For example, if the player enjoys playing American Roulette, the gambling house may choose to disregard the “double zero” as a loss; should the ball lands there, the wheel is merely re-spun, as the croupier declares that the ball resulted in a “no spin” position. The same can be said about Baccarat games, where a 5% commission can be reduced by the casino to 4%.

Casino Rates – Rooms and Cruises

A big gambling establishment will have a hotel attached to them. Players that have spent a considerable amount of money will be able to score a room for 50% less of the regular asking price. As it is expected, this type of discount is made only to players that have reached a specific betting limit during their stay at the casino. Of course, if a player would have spent much more, the quality of the rooms would be significantly better. If a particular ship cruise is associated with a casino brand, in many cases the trips can prove to be 35 – 50% cheaper. In the most ideal cases, people would continue playing on the casino on the ship, scoring even better discounts.  Most of the casinos offer an entry discount but which one are doing better?

Discounts vs. Online Bonuses

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With the exception of online no-deposit bonuses, players still pay something in order to receive something from the casino. To some people, land-based venues discounts translate into trips, visits, parties, and many other activities. At the same time, the majority of the bonuses offered by an online gambling establishment are meant to increase a player’s bankroll. In some cases, the bonus offers of online casinos can rival those of big casino brands – in many cases online VIP players are given a chance to win trips, vacations, supercars, and a large number of luxury gifts.

Highrollers Will Always Take A Better Advantage

As interesting as those discounts and offers sound, the truth is that the average player who has lost a few hundred dollars won’t even come close to qualifying for bigger things. Although the casino does provide small rewards to occasional players, it is the “big bucks” that make a difference.