Everything you need to know about Baccarat

Types and versions, bonuses and top casinos

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Baccarat Games

Different Types and Versions of Baccarat Games

While the standard version of the game will always be the most popular one, many casino players have started to prefer other variants as well. Some of them offer incredible payout odds, while others are played at a slower pace. In this article, you will learn how different baccarat versions compare to each other, and maybe find one that you will like.

Dragon Tiger – The Best Copy of Baccarat

Instead of “Player and Banker”, casino members would bet on “Dragon or Tiger”. Considered by many to be a game in its own right, Dragon Tiger shares many similarities with its French counterpart. There are three main bets – win, lose, tie and a number of other side bets that can provide players with a hefty pay out. What makes Dragon Tiger unique, is that instead of two cards, only one is dealt with each side, and the card with the highest value wins. Due to the lack of an extra card, Dragon Tiger games are considered to be extremely fast-paced.

Baccarat Squeeze Brings Slow-Paced Excitement

Although there are instant-play versions of Baccarat Squeeze, it is the live dealer variant of the game that offers additional excitement. After the cards are placed on the table by the dealer’s face down, the croupier will then “pinch” them, revealing to the camera their identity, before turning them face up. This adds a level of excitement to the game itself and also slows down the pace between each round. One drawback of Baccarat Squeeze is that the minimum betting limits are considered to be a bit high.

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Online Casino baccarat Games – How to Play

Baccarat is a relatively simple card game that has become popular in casinos worldwide ever since its conception in the 19th century. Somewhat reminiscent of Blackjack, Baccarat and its many variations continue to be some of the most preferred card games in the world to this day. Here, you will find everything you would like to know about the game, including how to play it! Explore the rules and go deeper in the world of baccarat!

The Basic Rules of Online Casino Baccarat

With respects to the most standard version of the game, the rules are simple – the dealer gives two cards for a “player’s side” and two for the “banker’s side”. Every card represents a specific point – the main goal of the “round” is to see which of the “Banker’s” and “Player’s” combinations will be closer to the number 9. Cards representing digits will have the points value depicted on them, except for the “10” that has a value of 0 points. Face cards will also have a 0 points value. An important thing to mention here is that any double-digit results that have been produced will be defined only by the second number in that result. For example, the combination of two 6’s will be a 12 – which will be regarded as 2 points. The sum of an 8 and a 6 will be 14, which is 4 points; and so on. You can find more information in this article.

People play the game by placing a bet on one of three outcomes – Banker, Player, or Tie. If a player manages to correctly predict which one of the two sides (Player or Banker) will produce a result of 9 points (or closest to), will win. Usually, the payouts on the main bets are 1:1 – if you bet $1, you win $1. On the other hand, a Tie bet is considered to be the most profitable one, as the betting odds are usually 9:1; you bet $1 and win $9. Bear in mind that while the 1:1 odds are almost exactly the same for all Baccarat versions, the Tie bet is usually different (it can go up to 12:1, depending on the game variant).

What Is Casino Discount – Everything You Want to Know

Every casino player wants to get something “extra” from the establishment, and usually, that extra comes in the form of comps (complimentary offers) or straight price discounts. Loss reduction, favourable hotel room prices, cruise ship trips – the “discounts” provided by a land-based gambling establishment can both be minimal, and luxurious in nature. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Loss Discount in Land Based Casinos

It isn’t uncommon for people in the USA to get casino credit in order to play; however, due to the overwhelming amount of cases where players lost, the gambling establishments found themselves in a difficult position. Players that have received credit from those establishments couldn’t pay back – which not only resulted in the casino losing money but also in the reduced number of players.

To increase the number of their visitors and promote a much better way of handling loss, a large number of casinos introduced the “Casino Discount” program, that decreased a lost credit sum by up to 30%. To some degree, this worked – for every $100 the players have taken from the casino and lost, they had to return only $70, which in the grand scheme of things appeared to be achievable by losers. Bear in mind that loss discounts aren’t just granted to any player; usually, the casino will give a credit loss reduction to a regular customer.

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Controlling the House Edge

Venues that are big on discounts will also make special gestures to their most valuable clients. In some cases, they would even reduce the house edge in a game by modifying its rules. For example, if the player enjoys playing American Roulette, the gambling house may choose to disregard the “double zero” as a loss; should the ball lands there, the wheel is merely re-spun, as the croupier declares that the ball resulted in a “no spin” position. The same can be said about Baccarat games, where a 5% commission can be reduced by the casino to 4%.

The Best Online Casino Sites with Welcome Bonus Offers

In order to attract as many customers as possible, online casinos often place their best promotions on their websites. Known also as “welcome bonuses” those offers come in a variety of value and form and can be obtained by a player via several methods. Here, you will get the latest information on which are the online casino websites that offer the best welcome promotions for new players. The most common factor for all welcome bonuses is that a person will be required to sign up a new account.

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Guts Casino – Spins and Matches

All new players of Guts Casino will be “greeted at the door” with a welcome bonus offer that gives both a deposit match and free spins. Once a player opts in for the promotion and makes their first deposit, Guts will match it 200% up to £100, plus 100 free spins for the slot game “Conan”. The wagering requirements for both the deposited and bonus amount have a rate of x30.

Betway Casino Gives a Follow-Up

This online gambling establishment also provides its new customers with a deposit match bonus of 100%, up to £250. The unique part about the welcome offer of Betway Casino is that it is active for the first three deposits a customer makes. On the second deposit, the casino will give them a 25% match deposit of up to another £250, and the third deposit made by new players will get them a 50% match of up to £500! The wagering requirements rate here will be x50.

Not all casinos need to offer huge bonuses in order to be considered excellent – such is the case with Rizk Casino. Players that have made their first deposits will get a 100% deposit match of up to £100, with an additional 50 free spins for the slot “Book of Dead”. Since the offer is multiple-choice, Rizk Casino allows its newest customers to choose either the slots and spin welcome bonus, or get a 100% deposit match up to €250, for live dealer games!

A Mini-Boost from Rizk Casino